XC Ski Training Programs

xc-training-with-criticalA successful cross country skier must be in top physical condition and be able to ski efficiently with good technique in order to translate that physical effort into speed.  Coaches at CP Nordic are qualified, experienced and certified physiologists, coaches and competitors that can help you maximize your potential.

All Cross Country Ski Programs are coached by Rob Swan, see coaching credentials on website.  They are based on true scientific principles and use the latest in training techniques and technical skills, used by the National Cross Country Ski  and Biathlon Programs.

Rob will work with you to create an individual training plan based on your own strengths, weaknesses and available time, not just a cookie cutter type schedule with no individualization.  Since skiing fast is not just about improving your physical condition, your coaching package can include ski technique sessions so that you can ski as fast and effortlessly as possible, whatever your level of fitness.  You may also benefit from expert guidance on race and psychological strategies, equipment selection, waxing and nutrition.

Typically, your training program will have an initial face to face or telephone assessment to discover your athletic background, current level of training and results, specific goals and the time and energy you are currently able to devote to training.  Rob will develop a personalized training plan based on this information and will provide access to weekly email and phone, athlete initiated contact to allow for questions to be answered or changes to be made or progress discussions.

With CP Nordic, you can leverage your specific conditioning with one or a series of technique sessions, group and individual training sessions and physiological testing to help maximize your efforts.  For example, adding a monthly blood lactate profile session can help you accurately establish your training heart rate zones and pace times, as conditioning improves.  The lactate profile is critical in establishing initial training zones and making sure your physiology is changing appropriately as you train.  Lactate profile testing sessions will also include time to discuss and demonstrate proper methods of optimizing your training.

Private or Group Technique Lessons:

** offered in both Skate or Classic Techniques but only one technique at a time in groups.

  • 1 person: $40/hour    (tax included)
  • 2 people: $30ea/hour (tax included)
  • 3-6 people: $25ea/hour (tax included)

Seasonal or Yearly Training Programs: Based on a 3 month minimum plan

$100/month plus GST includes:

  • one Blood Lactate test and consultation.
  • personalized training plans
  • personal assessment and weekly feedback, athlete initiated sessions
  • ski specific workouts, including rollerskiing and on snow training in both ski techniques as requested
  • 3 technique sessions
  • specific strength training
  • ski technique coaching and video analysis
  • cross training guidance
  • blood lactate and other physical testing and analysis
  • race strategy coaching
  • race nutritional advise
  • 20% discount on additional lactate tests
  • 15% discount on additional technique sessions
  • access to group ski training sessions.