“Rob Swan understands the training needs of the adult athlete who is constantly trying to find the balance between family, career and sport.  Rob works with the athlete to find that balance and tailors the training plan accordingly.  The program Rob developed with me put me on track to fulfill my lifelong dream of swimming across the English Channel in 10 hours and 44 minutes.”
Brent Hobbs
English Channel Solo Swimmer, 2008

“Rob Swan is a highly skilled triathlon coach.  His kinesiology degree combined with his experience in triathlon and passion for sport makes him a fabulous coach.  Not only does he analyze the science aspect but he shares his invaluable years of experience.  Rob has a creative way of individualizing programs coupled with motivating, fun group sessions.  I would highly recommend Rob Swan to all levels of athletes, he adapts his training programs and makes training FUN!”
Alisa Brownlee

“I think I can add a different perspective as a parent of a young athlete. What it really means to have a good coach, is to miss what many athletes have – Injuries, illness, fatigue and confusion.  Julia has gone through her last 4 training years with Rob as a fit, injury free athlete.  He has the ability to empower the athlete to be knowledgeable, and to understand their body.  I find that an immense benefit to an adolescent athlete.”
Ken Ransom

“After about 10 years of self coaching and achieving a reasonable level of success, I signed up for a full program of coaching with Rob.  In the past season I set new PBs and pushed my performance even higher.  The training camps and group workouts were excellent as was Rob’s attention to detail and support.”
Martin Courtenay

“Without the detailed personalized training programs, one-on-one guidance and expert advise form CoachRob I would not have been able to accomplish my goal of finishing Ironman Canada.  CoachRob regularly went above and beyond the normal ‘call of duty’ to help set me up for triathlon success.  I would highly recommend his training programs for anyone who is looking to excel in multisport athletics.”
Kimberly Schwartz

“I was introduced to CoachRob through his morning swim sessions and was so impressed by the planning, commitment level, efficiency, and effectiveness of he workouts that I signed up with him for a full training program.  CoachRob’s training plans were individualized to my own triathlon and fitness goals as well as my fitness level.  He is incredibly thorough in his planning and the training sessions provide the perfect mix of encouragement, comradery and challenge.  CoachRob himself is a great listener, very humble considering his own athletic achievements and incredibly encouraging. I have gained an enormous amount of confidence, strength, and endurance training with him.  It was amazing to compare the results between the same races in different years and realize what a difference working with him had made.  There is nobody else I would train with in Kelowna.”
Larisa Gagner

“As a beginner in the sport of triathlon, I had reservations about finding a coach and making a commitment to training on a regular basis.  CoachRob and his approach to training made me feel immediately comfortable and his knowledge and enthusiasm left me wanting to come back for more.  I saw substantial improvements in a short period of time and went from being a weekend warrior to completing my first Half Ironman triathlon within a few months.

CoachRob’s calm and reassuring disposition was essential to my success. That, combined with his comprehensive understanding of endurance sports, helped in creating a detailed training schedule based on my personal goals and time constraints.  While my original goal was simply ‘completing a triathlon’, with CoachRob’s guidance I am now considering Ironman Canada – something I never thought possible!  I would recommend CoachRob to anyone who is already involved in. or considering becoming involved in, the sport of triathlon.”
Pamela Nonis