Big Ride Coaching Programs

CriticalPerformance presents “BIG RIDE” Coaching Programs

GranFondo's are mass participation cycling events that have enjoyed incredible popularity in Europe for decades, and are beginning to gain momentum in North America. Loosely translated from Italian, GranFondo means "big ride." Rides are often 100 km or more for a large number of cyclists at a variety of skill levels - everyone from the competitive cyclist to the amateur wanting to challenge themselves over distance and time enjoy these events. While these are not races, top finishers are often recognized.

GranFondo's are judged by the challenges they offer steep climbs, long distances and a combination of the two. The RBC GranFondo Whistler will not disappoint with 2,400 meters of climbing over the 120km route.  The RBC GranFondo Kelowna has 1750m of elevation over the 140km route and Axel Merckx GranFondo Okanagan has 1000m of climbing over the 158km route.

All Abilities Are Welcome

The GranFondo is the full distance of the ride designed to challenge endurance. Many GranFondo events offer a "mini" or "medium" version called the "Medio".  This is appropriate for those not quite ready for the full distance but who still want to participate in the challenge. A "Giro" is a common cycling term for race. The Giro division in the will be the race component. Open to licensed riders in Categories 1 through 3.

critical-perfomanceAt CriticalPerformance we will offer 2 training programs specifically design for athletes to complete one of the GranFondo’s.   These programs will be individually design to fit into your personal life schedule.  Not everyone has the same amount of time to train so we work with you to fit you training into you life’s work, family, and goals.

'Novizio(Novice)' Program

We have designed 2 programs for any wanting to complete their first GranFondo or to simply train better for their next GranFondo:

10 Week – Medio   $150 + GST
14 Week – Gran   $210 + GST

We will help you through the necessary training for your chosen event by providing you with a weekly training schedule which will be designed for your personal life schedule.  We will based your training on the latest in physiological testing systems using the FaCT Testing Protocol.  These programs will suit both the 'newby' and 'experienced' by guiding you to make good choices in your training regimen.  To utilize this program to it’s fullest you will require a Heart Rate monitor.

'Prossimo(Next)' Program

16 Week   $280 + GST

In this program we will continue and expand on the great features we offered in the” Novizio” program with individualized programming which is one of our specialities, expanded physiological testing providing us with a more complete system profile, and a bike fit performed by the only independent Professional Bike Fitter in the area (I will tell you what is best for you not what is the best ‘we’ have). We will direct your training to be able to complete your chosen event as best as you can.


Your training will require a Heart Rate Monitor as the testing process will allow us to provide you with HR training zones which will become the focus of your training.  A good option is also to have cadence available as this will provide an opportunity to work on some training throughout your program.

'CAPO(Top)' Program

16 week   $400 + GST

This is our top program usually used by racers wanting to complete the “GIRO” category of a GranFondo.We will take your training utiliizing the “Prossimo” features and going one step further for those that have access to a Power Meter and will integrate your Physiological training zones with Power training on the bike.


As in the last program a Heart Rate Monitor is essential to the programming and training added to this is a Power Meter.  Often Power meters have HR and Cadence integrated into the equipment so it becomes ideal training equipment for those who want to take their training to the highest levels.

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