Professional Bike Fitting

What is the Critical Performance Fit System (CPFS)?  CPFS is a methodology for harmonizing the fit between the bike and the athlete.  The approach is distinctly scientific in that it draws from multiple recent scientific, mathematical theories and developments, and the information technology advances and applies these to a greater application of human physiology and ergonomics.  The CPFS approach realizes that there is no agreement on bike fit and thus utilizes a combination of subjective “measurements” and theories and physiological and ergonomic principles to fit the athlete for optimal performance and comfort, health and aerodynamics.


CriticalPerformance is the only practicing certified FIST (Fit Institute SlowTwitch)  Bike Fit Technician in the region and is a member of SICI (Serotta International Cycling Institute) and also has taken a seminar with Aerodynamics expert John Cobb.

At CriticalPerformance, as an independent bike fit Technician, you will receive recommendations for the BEST bike for you and the optimal fit co-ordinates for your training and racing goals.  You will not get a bike fit to sell you a particular store’s brand.  Our goal is to find the right bike to fit you and not to force you to adapt to a poorly fitting bike.

The CP Fit System is designed to optimize the following:

  • Comfort: to reduce fatigue, aid recuperation, minimize soreness by     limiting muscular, joint and tendon tensions to properly work while on the bike and to recover when off.
  • Performance: optimize power transfer thru the full pedal stroke, and pulmonary and blood oxygen transfer by improving the relationship between strength, cadence and muscular work.  The more efficient you body, your technique, your movement, the better you will perform.
  • Health: prevent joint, tendon and muscular strain and injury by reducing muscle tension, by better positioning.  If you are injured you cannot support the work load that proper training requires.
  • Aerodynamics: limit frontal surface area exposed to the wind without decreasing any physiological or mechanical parameters.  A 3% increase in aerodynamics can generate a 10% decrease in physiological efficiency.

Professional Bike Fitting Kelowna BC Triathlon

Basic Bike Fit: $100 +GST 

  • Get set up properly to get the most out of your bike whether it is new or used!

Performance Bike Fit: $250 +GST 

  • Pedal Stroke Analysis using  RacerMates Computrainer Spin Scan program
  • Cleat Adjustment
  • Aerodynamic Optimization and Power Balance

“Fit First” Bike Fit:  $175 +GST

  • Design for those wanting a new bike or are purchasing their first road or triathlon bike.
  • usage of either fit bike to determine your specific fit co-ordinates with we will either find the best bike out on the market that fits you and not force you to adapt to a poorly fitting bike

Get your triathlon bike fit by Critical Performance

**25% off either price for athletes on Multisport Program