Biathlon Training


Biathlon Bears

For young athletes ages 10-14 who are novice skiers and who want to give Biathlon  a try.  There is no pressure to compete, although provincial competitions are available to those who wish to try racing.  The Bears program is designed so the athletes must also participate in a Telemark Ski League Program to learn the necessary skiing skills to be used in Biathlon.

High Performance Team

For experienced skiers and competitive athletes ages 12 and up who want to learn how to compete successfully in Biathlon. There is no pressure to compete but the HP Team is encouraged to race the BC Cup series.  The program is designed  so athletes must also be part of the Telemark Junior Race Team to learn the necessary skiing skill to be used in Biathlon.  This  ski training will be supplemented with scientific training principles and Long term athlete development principles developed by Biathlon Canada.

Masters Biathlon

Currently Telemark does not have a Masters program but is seeking enthusiastic athletes that want to give the Biathlon a try or seasoned athletes with past experienced are more than welcome too.

*all Biathlon programs are offered through Telemark Cross Country Ski Club, Westbank, BC.
** Contact Telemark for program costs at